About us

JSC “Vilve” is woodworking enterprise, which operates in Zarasai (Lithuania) since 1991. We are specialized in joinery manufacturing more over twenty years providing our customers with both economical and luxury wares.

We are proposing:

 Large set of doors made from pine, ash  upon customer’s demand

 Pine gates, doors, windows for household buildings, bathhouses and garages

Woodworks (sawing, drying at European standard equipment)

Doorways metering

Doors disassembling and assembling by enterprise’s personnel

Highest quality of products and short terms of production are our major goals, which are achieved by efforts of our professionals, proper manufacturing cycle and by using modern equipment.  Vilve's product line meets any taste and wallet, any wishes and possibilities of customers.

Vilve stays in the center of the most beautiful Lithuanian region, where there are forests and hills, lakes with crystal water where endless Baltic sky is mirrored. That is the reason why We exactly believe that our products have to bring  pieces of blissful energy of our region in customer's homes.

We are fostering our many-years traditions, which combines the experience of many generations of masters.

We grow up dynamically, implementing new technologies and equipment.

At the same time, we are working hard to keep warmth of human hands in each wooden product, which is becoming more and more treasure in our industrial century.

We carefully meet the tastes and desires of our customers, which makes our products as a pleasant personality. Thanks to this philosophy, the company's reputation and geography grows from customer to customer, moved outside of Lithuania and the EU.

We also offers such services as the measurement of openings, dismantling and installation of doors. If you make something from wood by yourself, we could offer our wood processing services, such as cutting and drying in our European styled drying chambers.

We are fully in love what we are doing! We respect our customers. We carefully control the quality of our manufacture.

Our knowledge and experience show that wooden windows and doors have a number of advantages over other production materials. They protect, decorate and breathe!